"I write down all my goals and enhance them with pictures and quotations"

Montag, 17.02.2014

In my late twenties I was very interested in self development. My first book on self development was "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill. I was reading and studying the book for years and even though I never found the right formula of applying the teaching, it spurned me on to find a way of improving and developing myself. I bought many self development tapes by self development gurus like Brian Tracey, Deepak Chopra, Peter Thompson, Anthony Robbins and others. They are all brilliant motivational speakers and listening to them always put me in a very positive and exciting state of mind, however it would last only for a few days before it all waned.

It was not until many years later, in fact at my 50th birthday party that a breakthrough occurred. I had a big party with my immediate family, my brothers and sister from the South Tyrol, many friends and colleagues. An ex employee took some desert from the buffet and I asked him if he wanted some coffee with it. He said he doesn't drink coffee, I become curious and ask him why not. He just said I have stopped drinking coffee 4 years ago. I become even more inquisitive and wanted to know the reasons. He said that he went to a self development seminar and the presenter convinced him that drinking coffee or tea are not necessary. I asked for the name of the seminar and decided to attend the next seminar and have since attended many follow up seminars. The difference about this seminar and reading self development books and listening to tapes was that we were introduced to a system and routine that the left brain can follow and apply on a daily basis. 

One of the most important aspect of the teaching in the seminar was about goals. At Stanford University in the USA a study on ex students has shown that students who had specific goals and had written them down actually achieved their stated goals.

It is very important that we have goals and write them down, the bigger the goals the better. Goals are not just monetary, they could include social, family, career, health, leisure/recreation, spiritual and others. I write down all my goals and enhance them with pictures and quotations relating to each goal and store the pictures in my brain. First thing in the morning and last thing at night I meditate and repeat the goals in my mind and visualize the goals as if I have already obtained the goals. This way my brain looks for ways of obtaining the goals and attracts the right connections and people, through the power of attraction, who can help me in achieving my goals. 

Suggested reading material on visualisation -  Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain.

Goals setting is only a small but important aspect of the seminar. If you are or have been looking at self development methods and have your own story please drop me an e-mail.  


Allow yourself to dream big dreams and make your dreams reality - limitations are only in your mind.

NEVER GIVE UP on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. By Earl Nightingale

Be prepared for people to ridicule your dream as they don't understand the power of thought and determination – remember if you can see it and believe it you can achieve it.


People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.
By Maya Angelou

Beitrag von Kurt Kuen

Der Vahrner Kurt Kuen lebt seit über 40 Jahren in England. Mit seiner Ausbildung als Koch zog es ihn zunächst in die Schweiz, bevor er 1969 nach England kam und über die Jahre Karriere als Hotelmanager machte. Von 2000 bis 2011 war Kurt als Senior Vice President sehr erfolgreich für die Park Plaza Hotels Europe tätig. Seit 2012 ist er mit seinem Unternehmen Kuen Hotel Consultancy beratend tätig.

Kurt organisiert seit über 20 Jahren das jährliche Südtiroler Treffen in London, das mittlerweile über 200 Gäste anzieht. Im Südstern Blog füllt Kurt seit 2014 den Bereich „Self Development“ mit inspirierenden „Words of Wisdom“ und vielen persönlichen Einblicken.  

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