The Power of Attraction

Dienstag, 15.04.2014

In his previous comments or "Words of Wisdom" Kurt Kuen highlighted the importance of setting goals and the use of positive thinking and the power of attraction to obtain the goals. In this post Kurt explains the relationship between setting goals, positive thinking and the power of attraction. 

You attract what you think. Make clear in your mind what you want by setting goals and make your goals the dominant thoughts. Thoughts have frequencies and we emit magnetic signals. We are like a human transmission tower only much stronger than any radio or television transmitter. Think and speak about what you want. If you want change, change your thoughts,  change your channel and change the frequency. The law of attraction is impersonal it simply reflects what you are thinking - positive or negative. 

If you say I don’t want to be late the law of attraction will act upon it and you will be late. Say instead I will be on time. If you say to yourself I don’t want to be sick, you will be sick. Instead think positive and say I am healthy. Make your last thoughts before going to sleep good thoughts. Sooner or later your thoughts will manifest themselves and you will have the life you want and think about. 

Occasionally when I have negative thoughts I change them by saying to myself delete that thought and I consciously change to positive thoughts. Never underestimate the power of your mind because you draw people, you draw health, you draw wealth and anything else with your thoughts. What you think about you bring about. Thoughts are magnetic and thoughts have a frequency and they are magnetically send out to the universe and they magnetically attract likeminded thoughts. 

Feel good by thinking good thoughts. We have the power to change anything because we can choose our thoughts and we are the ones who feel our feelings. If you feel down listen to uplifting music and your feelings and thoughts will shift your frequency. Your life is a physical manifestation of your thoughts it is a mirror of your dominant thoughts. We have the power to intentional think and create our entire life with our mind. Remember thoughts become things.

I repeat be clear on your goals and use the power of your thoughts to attract what you want in life. Remember to repeat your goals in your mind again and again and think thoughts in line with your goals and you will achieve all you want to achieve. Don't expect overnight miracles, just try it and be persistent. It works for me and it will work for you too. 

Kurt Kuen  

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Über den Autor

Der Vahrner Kurt Kuen lebt seit über 40 Jahren in England. Mit seiner Ausbildung als Koch zog es ihn zunächst in die Schweiz, bevor er 1969 nach England kam und über die Jahre Karriere als Hotelmanager machte. Von 2000 bis 2011 war Kurt als Senior Vice President sehr erfolgreich für die Park Plaza Hotels Europe tätig. Seit 2012 ist er mit seinem Unternehmen Kuen Hotel Consultancy beratend tätig.

Kurt organisiert seit über 20 Jahren das jährliche Südtiroler Treffen in London, das mittlerweile über 200 Gäste anzieht. Im Südstern Blog füllt Kurt seit 2014 den Bereich „Self Development“ mit inspirierenden „Words of Wisdom“ und vielen persönlichen Einblicken.  


Kurt Kuen
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