Webinar: "Strategies and perspectives of digitalization in Transport & Logistics"

Freitag, 13.11.2020
GRUBER Logistics strongly believes that digitalization is and will be a key aspect of competitiveness for all companies involved in the logistics chain. Furthermore, such an innovation in processes can really support an evolution of the entire sector towards economic, environmental and social sustainability. The aim of this conference is to help promoting cooperation between players, sharing both public and private visions and building a culture of innovation that can produce a significant impact on the entire sector.

The world of Transport & Logistics is getting to a massive change.

The pandemic crisis has further highlighted the fragilities of a sector characterized by a low marginality and high level of investments. Nevertheless, the sector is showing an impressive resilience especially considering those companies able to offer added value services and to optimize their processes in a cooperative framework.

Indeed, the logistics chain shows a growing interdependence appearing more as a complex network of hubs and actors than a linear connection of different players.

GRUBER Logistics strongly believes that digitalization is the key element to enhance and exploit such interactions becoming a crucial element for economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Sharing and understanding public and private strategies is a starting point to promote a real change towards digital cooperation.

Date And Time

  • Wed, 25 November 2020
  • 14:30 – 16:30 CET



14.30 – Andrea Condotta, GRUBER Logistics, Public Affairs and Innovation Manager, Welcoming and Introduction, Main trends of digitalisation in the world of Transport & Logistics

14:40 - Szymon Oscislowski, Astrid Schlewing, Programme Officers at European Commission - European policies and the importance of Digital Transport & Logistics Forum

15:00 - Roeland Van Bockel, Civil Servant Ministry of Netherland, A seamless data interoperability as key factor for a trustworthy and interoperable business and administrative data sharing

15:20 – Marco Marinelli, Manager Purchasing & Certified Systems, Automatic report of sustainability and ALCANTARA’s compensation project

15:40 - Marcelo Marcal, Director Purchasing Logistics, the evolution of transport digitalisation in Electrolux and the future steps

16:00 - Sergio Barbarino, Research Fellow at Procter & Gamble, A long-term perspective and the contribute of digital cooperation: FENIX project experience

16:20 – Martin Gruber, GRUBER Logistics, Group CEO, Conclusions and remarks

16:30 – End of the meeting


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